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In the 1990’s, David Moore established himself as a comprehensive strength training guru following his All-American basketball days.  His son, David Roccmann Moore (D Mo), was born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Everyday David Moore would train with his son from age 2 and transfer the knowledge from his strength program's down to him.

After playing for and graduating from Kalaheo High School, D Mo attended Hawaii Pacific University and later made his way to the Bay Area. D Mo always maintained an interest in basketball. After college, D Mo was asked to Coach a youth basketball team where he found his true calling developing athletes on and off the court.


Today, Coach D Mo is the Chairman of the newly formed DMOLOGY, his own organization, the master trainer and transformation specialist in DMOLOGY, transforming all in his specially developed D-Training, transforming basketball athletes of all ages/levels through his passion and love for basketball and coaches and trainers through courses aimed for success. D Mo's training programs bring results to everyone that signs up with him.  Coach D Mo is also an NBA Skills Coach.

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